Professional support for Education Centres

We have over 20 years of experience supporting and installing networks and computer systems in schools. Our service agreements and pay as you go support allows schools to confidently deliver the technically demanding curriculum. We customise support to suit your budget and the needs of your school. Whether it is a new computer suite, peripherals, Smart Boards, CCTV or virus protection we can deliver the goods.  

If you are interested in any of these services then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss which package is appropriate to your school.


CCTV In Schools

Remote monitoring of your school provides a cost effective and reliable way of keeping an eye on sensitive areas in your school over your existing computer network. Flexibility is the key feature as cameras can be moved to different locations, or additional cameras can be added, in the light of your security issues using your school computer network.

SEL network CCTV systems are an excellent way of upgrading your computer network to include CCTV without adding substantially to your school budget. The network CCTV cameras plug directly into your existing network points and are able to be viewed from any computer with an internet connection. Access to the camera images are password protected preventing them from being viewed by any unauthorised users.

Since your school already has network cabling up and running, surely it makes economical sense to use it rather than a completely new installation using old fashioned CCTV. What's more you can use existing computer monitors to display security images, in real time or recorded, anywhere in the school. The images from the cameras can also be viewed from home (subject to technical limitations) enabling you to keep a remote eye on events at your school day or night.

CTV in your school could:-

  • Reduce vandalism,
  • Help tackle the issue of bullying,
  • Monitor unsupervised areas of your school, corridors, stairwells or cloakrooms,
  • Monitor pupils behaviour in lessons,
  • Reduce the amount of items 'removed' from school.
  • But more importantly this system will give teachers, parents and children peace of mind.

Virus Protection

Nearly every one of our schools has been hit by the various viruses that are attacking computers and networks. It has taken some schools over a full day to clean up their network. Don't leave yourself wide open to attack, purchase antivirus software and protect your hardware.

Network Servers

A server is the master computer on the network and is able to display and send files to other networked computers. It is a secure location to store files that can be accessed from any computer on the network.  All work that has been saved can be backed up easily if required. Programs and other files such as clip art can also be stored on the server for users to access rather than using the disk each time. Future software installation is simple, the files are copied on to the server and the server will install the software to each workstation automatically' S An intranet (an internal web) can be set up using the integral web server.  At SEL we build our own servers and set them up so any one is able to maintain if they want to, but we can do that as part of our support contract. In actual fact servers are able to run themselves and rarely have any problems.
Servers can be set up to allow different levels of security so the children have restricted access to their files only and nothing else that may be confidential. Other users have their own Personalised levels of access preventing personal files being opened by unauthorised users, The administrator of the network has full access to all user areas and can access all documents and files'
We are able to design and build a server that will meet your schools needs and budget. An SEL Curriculum Server comes with a 17" TFT monitor, mouse and keyboard as standard and also includes a staff training session. The server can be used as an additional PC in your school, possibly in the office or in your suite.

Interactive Smart Boards

The SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that can change and improve the way you teach. It combines the look and feel of a regular whiteboard but acts just like a computer allowing you to save and print notes, collaborate on electrical documents, share information and run multimedia materials. The whole board is a large, touch sensitive screen that displays your PC applications. You can use your finger on the Board just as you would a mouse on your PC to move between documents or to click and drag items around the screen' Use the SMART pen tray to electronically write on your documents to draw the audience’s attention to specific areas, then save or print your note to create handouts.


Service Agreements

At SEL we recognise how important the IT equipment in your school is and how it has become relied upon to deliver lessons and as a teaching tool. We know that there is nothing more frustrating than a PC failing to work, software that hasn't been installed on the machine you want to use, printers breaking or even the network going down. There are solutions to these problems in the form of Service Level Agreements. Our agreements are compiled from eight years of experience of working within the education sector and have proved popular and successful in over 85 schools in Cumbria and Lancashire.

SEL offers two different support agreements which suite all types of school, college or nursery.

Pay As You Go: This requires a yearly registration fee which allows you unlimited email and telephone support. Any time on site from one of our experienced technicians is invoiced in half hourly blocks.

Regular IT Technician: This package offers you unlimited telephone and email support plus a regular weekly visit by one of our technicians to correct any problems and carry out any general routine work. This package also offers a same day or next day service for emergencies at no extra charge.